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Aerials Frome

Aerials Frome                                                                                   Aerials Frome

Aerials Frome

Making sure your aerial is OK is the first line of solving the "My reception is poor!" remark. Did you know that if any of the following is true: your aerial is broken (!); not pointing at the transmitter; its connections and/or the cables connecting the aerial and TV set are corroded, then the signal reaching your TV set will not be strong enough. This will result in problems with the picture or sound, such as: ghosting (another faint image behind the picture); 'snow' (a faint or grainy picture); jumbled words on Ceefax (teletext). How do you narrow down the problem?

Aerials Frome

Here are some hints. First: check if your connections are plugged into the TV or set-top box securely, then: check with your neighbour to see if they have the same problem, then: check on the BBC site to see if the transmitter is being maintained: If none of these steps solves the problem, you should have your aerial checked over by one of these companies in this category.

Aerials Frome

The team at Bath Business Web and Frome Business Web have built websites for some of the companies in this category. Have a look at their  website to see the quality of work they've undertaken. Companies on Frome Business Web who come with a proven reputation such as: SATELLITE AERIAL SOLUTIONS. This company has many years experience in providing all the services you require.

Aerials Frome

Use Frome Business Web to recommend companies by using the 'recommend' button in the aerials companies' listing (found by clicking on the Aerials Frome button of their advertiser box.) When you call a company, please mention to them that you found them via Frome Business Web. Thank you.
Aerials Frome                                                                                Aerials Frome

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