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Skip Hire


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Skip Hire

Skip Hire Frome

Skip Hire Frome                                                                                     Skip Hire Frome

Skip Hire Frome
If you have a large amount surplus material to dispose of from your house, then it makes sense to think of hiring a skip. Assuming that you do have a skip, either on your property, or sited on the highway outside your property, then don't forget that you are prohibited from putting the following material in the skip: flammable, explosive, putrescible, noxious or offensive matter. During use, the contents of the skip(s) shall be kept ‘damped down’ or covered to prevent nuisance from dust to either pedestrians or your neighbours. You must also be aware that you are responsible for the immediate removal of any spillage on the highway. Many of the companies in this category have had websites built by the team at Frome Business Web and Bath Business Web to help you in your search. Reputable companies like MJ Church and Country Mini Skips can be found on Frome Business Web.

Skip Hire Frome                                                                                Skip Hire Frome

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