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Cleaning Services
Cruse Cleaning Ltd Cruse Cleaning Ltd
Unit 53,
Haydon Industrial Estate,
Telephone: 01761 433123
Mobile: 07850 820300
Cruse Cleaning Ltd has built a reputation for supplying top quality products at competitive prices. As an independent distributor of a large range of cleaning materials and equipment, we are confident we can meet your needs. Should you re...

Grahams Cleaning Services Grahams Cleaning Services
216 Coronation Avenue,
Telephone: 01225 463429
Mobile: 07989 302299
We provide a reliable, friendly and professional team of staff who work together to provide the high standards that you require. All of the team are fully trained to health and safety standards, and we carry out monthly checks to ensure the quality o

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services Frome

Cleaning Services Frome                                                                                  Cleaning Services Frome
Look at the cleaning services companies on Frome Business Web to find the particular service you need. What if you tried to remove a stain from some fabric and you are left with a watermark? What do you do? Simply put, watermarks remain when the water you've used to clean the fabric is left too long before drying. So, the best way to keep watermarks from being left on the fabric is to speed up the drying time before they have time to develop. Frome Business Web have some tips for cleaning fabrics:
  1. Use the smallest amount of water while cleaning(!)
  2. Having said that, rinse the item thoroughly to ensure all of the soap is removed as this can leave marks as well
  3. When you've finished the cleaning, use a fan or hairdryer set on 'cool' to speed up the drying process
  4. But what if the watermarks are already there? Well, try this: remove, or lessen, them by moistening the area again with a soft cloth. Blot at the area and work from the centre outwards. As you blot, the mark should begin to blend in. Once it is blended, dry quickly with a fan or hairdryer set on 'cool' as before.
Cleaning Services Frome

The team at Bath Business Web and Frome Business Web are pleased to have built professional websites for some of the cleaning services' companies in this category. Have a look at each company's website to see the services they offer and the quality of work they've undertaken.

Cleaning Services Frome

Companies on Frome Business Web who come with a proven reputation such as: CRUSE CLEANING LTD - GRAHAMS CLEANING SERVICES - P B CLEANING SERVICES. These companies have many years experience in providing all the services you require.

When you call a company, please mention to them that you found them via Frome Business Web. Thank you.

 Cleaning Services Frome                                                                                Cleaning Services Frome

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