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Fibreglass Frome

Fibreglass Frome
Fibreglass can be used in the manufacture of a huge variety of products.  You probably know that your average Surfer is riding the waves on a Board made from Fibreglass, but did you know that Irish Step Dance shoes are also made from it?  It protects in the form of heat resistent fabrics - our firefighters benefit from this for one.  Our Olympic Pole Vaulters benefit as it's used to make their Poles and it's used to make bus, coach and lorry fronts and extensions to cabs.  Did you know that Frome Business web can be helpful if you need to source a Fibreglass specialist in the local area?  No?  Then browse our list of suppliers below and learn more about Fibreglass specialists, manufacturers, applications firms and suppliers in and around Frome.

Fibreglass Frome
Fibreglass is used to make Hockey sticks, Cornices, Finials and Fascias, Prototype Models, Signage and Mouldings, Displays, Cladding, Boat Hulls and so much more in the way of Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP).  If you have a specific project in mind, speak to one of our listed Frome Fibreglass specialists to get advice, quotes and further information - all found on Frome Business Web in the Fibreglass Frome listings.

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